Im here!!

I am a mother of three academically successful sons.  That is my greatest accomplishment.  I work as a special educator and have for over 20 years, that is my second greatest achievement.  I wrote and published an eBook on Amazon Kindle, entitled “3rd grade is AUsome”. That was my first accomplished bucket list goal.

I first started this blog to bring recognition to my eBook, but after a great deal of thought I want this blog to be about what I know best.  I want this blog to encourage mothers (or fathers) who, like myself, are raising sons (or daughters), who learn differently.  To borrow a quote from Lady O, “what I know for sure” is that when my boys were young and the homework nights and  work days were long and frustrating, what I wanted and needed more than anything, was encouragement.  I want to be that encouragement for others.