Can you hear it?

Hey Hey everybody!!! Its a great day to be great!!! I hope every one enjoyed their weekend!  I had a fabulous weekend.  I finally got to the beach and MAN… did I enjoy myself.  Just listening to the waves is like paradise and therapy all in one. IMG_20180527_200613638

Its interesting how sounds can make us feel a certain way.  I love hearing my youngest son’s laugh.  He has such a happy, silly laugh, that it makes you feel happy no matter what.  You may hear the voice of someone you haven’t seen in a while and their voice instantly brings back good memories.

My mother would often sing around the house and now I cant hear Barry White’s “Practice what you Preach” without smiling and remembering her.

I am a fan of good music and just love sitting with a drink and enjoying the beats.  I can feel every word of Alicia Keys, flow with the sax of Boney James and stomp with Luke Bryant.  All genres of music  have something for me.  Do you enjoy good music? Do you have a favorite song, favorite artist or  favorite genre?IMG_20180525_102536_683


Do you sometimes just sit in the quiet?  I’m not very good at quiet.  I like to have something going on around me.  I’m currently trying yoga, in an effort to calm my mind and achieve the quiet.  It has not been an easy task.  I even sleep better with some kind of noise in the background.  Do you all do that, have a fan, the a/c, tv or music playing at bed time?  Something about that noise seems calming for me and I sleep better with it.

Laughing, music, birds singing or waves crashing; find your favorite sound and enjoy it.  Listening to sounds that make you feel happy, calm, and at peace is another way to practice self love/ self care.  Enjoy it! Take care of yourself! Love yourself!



#bossLady out

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To yourself be true!


It all starts with you.  Keeping yourself in working order.  Loving yourself.  How you treat you is the guide to how others treat you.


Doing things you enjoy is a form of self love.  Take a long bath, listen to your favorite music, eat a piece of cake.  Be happy!


#bossLady out

Only you!


This is one of the best and hardest days of my life; I am so happy that I take care of myself because when someone I love needs me I can be there to help them.


This is the text I saw first thing this morning and it made me feel so loved and so proud all at the same time.  I take care of myself so I can do for my sons, so I can help my family. Not long after I read that text, I got a call telling me my HLP (husband like person) had loss his grandmother to cancer.  That cut me to the core.  But I’m stronger now that I think and do differently; now that I treat myself better,  I can offer my support and strength to him and his family in their time of loss.Screenshot_20180511-222131

I didn’t always take care of myself and there was a time that guilt made self love a thing of nonexistence to me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, with putting yourself first sometimes.   How can you offer your best self to others if you are not your best self.  Remember you are the only you you get,  take very good care of YOU!!!!

#bossLady out!

Say Cheese!!!!

Happy Monday!!


I hope everyone incorporated some self care/self love into their weekend and woke up today, Monday, grateful, rested and ready to face whatever the week may have in store.

I jotted some things down Sunday morning, as I sat out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Among other things, I wrote down, “How to be good to yourself:”  In a list of about 10 things, I put a star next to the three  I thought were most important.  Of the three, the one that stood out most to me was: SMILE and LAUGH more.

Ever notice if you smile people will smile back, or if you start laughing people will laugh too, even if they don’t know why you are laughing.

Try to smile a lot today, it will make your day better as well as other people’s and its an excellent way to be good to yourself.

#bosslady OUT!


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The Grown up Life

Happy Monday EVERYBODY…

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and squeezed in some self care while doing so.  I had a full weekend of hanging out with my son and his friends and I have to admit it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

Friday, I spent several hours at the County Youth fair, before surrendering to the exhaustion, to go sit in my car and eat a  smoked turkey leg and funnel cake.  On Saturday, I was mommy taxi to part of my son’s basketball team to a  tournament in which their last game was played after 8 pm.  Sunday, which is usually devoted to relaxing, I spent at the baseball field for my son’s practice.


The above is similar to how I spent a lot of my weekends as a parent.  With three son’s, who were heavily involved in academics and sports, there were very few sleep in weekends.  My boys are older now, my youngest is a freshman in high school, and I know soon the day will come when I wont have to find basketball shoes in my couch, or buy a new glove or even pick  up anyone from whatever practice they may have.

What ever will I do with myself???!!!!


I will sleep til I want to get up, go on an adults only cruise, buy a sports car, not do laundry for a month and enjoy it all….LOL

Screenshot_20180430-100518     Screenshot_20180430-101519

I love and enjoy my children and I am so proud of all their accomplishments thus far, but when they move to the next level of their lives,  I want to as well.  Sure; I will miss that life but I will definitely make the most of the new chapter of my life. I’m excited about the future for my boys and for myself.


What life will you live after your children are grown? Are you taking care of yourself; physically, mentally, financially, now so you can enjoy life later?  Have you made plans?

Something to think about!!!

P.S      Part of my life with grown kids will be to concentrate more on my love to craft and create.  Check out some of my creations at:

#bossLady Out!!





FRIENDS..(sing it with me)

Today, as the  Grateful Monday series continues, I want to express gratitude for my friends.

The amount of friends in my life, as well as the definition of friend, has changed as my life changed.  In elementary school, I called the kids I played with during recess my friends; in high school, friends were the people I had classes with, hung out with, or we were on the same sports team.

As an adult, to me, the quality of good friends out weigh the number of friends by a long shot!!                    Screenshot_20180423-100453                                                             (Friend for 14 years!!)

I recently found out that a friend of mine, since 4th grade, and I have so much in common its scary.  But I think that’s why we have been friends for so long, no matter the time that passed or the distance between us.IMG_20180416_104800144                                                            (Friends since 4th grade)

In my opinion, a good friend is someone you can trust, someone you can share conversations with, take an unplanned road trip with, or do absolutely nothing  or everything with.  Friends support each other. Friends enrich your life.


Screenshot_20180423-100748.png                                                                (friends for 7 years)

A famous person once said, “If you have a few good friends, you are rich indeed”;  if this is true I am filthy rich!!:

Screenshot_20180325-020340                                                                 (friends for 4 years)

#bossLady out 🙂