Success starts with U!

I am always doing research and follow up stories on how to improve my life, my experiences and the world around me.  And so far I have found that the common denominator among successful people is taking care of yourself first.  Its difficult to make decisions,, business or otherwise if you are not at 100% with yourself.

“All work and no self-care makes for an unhappy Black Woman”-Rosetta Thurman..-founder and CEO of Happy Black Woman.

“taking care of yourself is the best selfish thing you can do”-Oprah Winfrey

I enjoy my work both as an educator and a blogger/crafter.  But I know at some point I have to ‘turn off” and relax and take care of myself.  I see a lot of fellow educators, leaving the school often times three or four hours after school has ended for the day, then they take home bundles of work to do at home. Doing this day after day can be extremely  exhausting.

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Its okay to do for others, but make sure you’re putting that same energy into yourself.  What does your self care consist of?

Below is a list of self care ideas that can help you relax and enjoy yourself. Rather you run a fortune 500 company, a small business or your home, you need to be in top notch shape to do your best.


Don’t hesitate to show yourself some love.  Its OK to put yourself first. Success comes with taking care of you.

Mondays are always a good day to start something new, try making it a Monday routine to carve out some me time for yourself.

Until next time…..Love You!

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#BossLady out!!






Well happy Monday to all….Thanks for sticking around during my vacation.  I’m back now, well rested and ready to make #bosslady moves this week.


I returned home to a messy house.  But it was expected leaving two teenagers, 19 and 16  home alone.  I hadn’t unpacked before I immediately started cleaning and picking up the mess they had made.  i was mid shoe wrangle, when my husband like person came in and said, “they made this mess, let them help you clean it…..LIGHT BULB MOMENT. It has always been my “job” to keep the house clean, even after my hospital stay. I was in charge of the house being kept tidy and organized no matter who made the mess. I thought about that for a few minutes before I came to realize he was right. These weren’t my shoes in the living room floor, I didn’t eat from the bowl on the TV stand, why was I clearing them away. I called both my son’s to clear away their mess and within a few minutes my living room was neat again. With all my self love and self care research and practices, it had never dawned on me that I may need help.

Exercise, healthy eating, vacations and good music are all positive ways to care for yourself, but what about every day life. Simply having time during the day to do things you enjoy or to do nothing, can improve you self care. And having your family’s help is a great place to start.

I often need help in  different areas of my life but because of my independent personality, the personality that landed me in the hospital, I rarely ask for help…with much of anything.  I am a member of a business group on Facebook, the group is there for members to ask questions from others entrepreneurs with more experience, yet I have never asked the group for help or direction. I, unfortunately, go through the trials of learning the hard way, and it doesn’t have to be that way if I asked for help.

Do you see where I’m going with this. It’s OK to ask for help from others, we can’t do it all and we shouldn’t try to. People are willing to help all we need to do it ask.



Part of taking care of yourself is accepting that we cant do everything, all the time, and for everyone. You may need help in the everyday things like house work or running errands, or, like myself, may need help on a more personal level. What ever the case, it’s ok to ask and accept help from others.

Take care of yourself. Ask for help.


#bossLady Out!



BLOOMing Vacation!!


Happy Monday my beautiful people!!


BossLady BLOOMS is currently on vacation!!  It was hard to take a vacation, but I deserved it.  This is only my second vacation I’ve taken since my hospital stay, but I refuse to neglect myself ever again.  I am so incredible thankful for the chance to go and relax and simple enjoy myself.

When was your last vacation?

Where did you go?

When is your next vacation?

If finances were not an issue, where would you go?’


I love the beach and tropical places, but Im excited about a trip Im planning for 2019 to a snowy mountain area.

Take a vacation!! Even if its in your own area.  Take the time to see and experience something new that you enjoy.  Eat a new food, meet new people and BLOOM as much as you can.

Until next time…..Love YOU!!

#bossLady out.


Day six

So my work/play getaway is coming up and I have to admit I’m very excited.  This thing where I enjoy my life is so new to me but omg…I’m loving it. I love taking care of myself and I really enjoy putting myself first in my own life. That has not always been the case.

Only a few short years ago, Ipassed out at work and was admitted into the hospital for exhaustion and dehydration.  I worked two jobs and am my children’s only active parent. I worked a lot and spent the rest of my time running my household and taking care of my boys.  I never missed a game, a practice, an assembly or a school extracurricular activity.  I was supporting my kids.  I made it a point to check on all of my siblings and make sure they were not overwhelmed emotionally due to the passing of my mother.  I was doing everything for everybody except myself.


That second, of six days, in the hospital, I spent in tears worrying about all the things I needed to be doing instead of laying here in this hospital bed.  By day three, I was a wreak, although I was on fluids and meds, I didn’t seem to be getting any better;  finally, I was told, in a very bold, and at the time I felt very RUDE way, that is I didn’t make some changes and start taking care of myself, I would be dead in a few years! What?!! How dare she!!!! Me, dead?? Who would take care of my family, my students, my life?? I couldn’t die!! I didn’t have time!!

It was that day I stopped crying, put down the phone, the laptop and the notebook and pen ( yes I had all those things brought to me in the hospital)and I slept.  I can not remember day four and the morning of day five, but when I did awake I felt  amazing.  I wasn’t tired, didn’t have a head ache, tummy ache or back ache, all which I had days prior.  I felt good.


From that day on, I knew I wanted to take care of myself.  I knew I loved myself, but wasn’t treating myself like I did. I made changes on my job; started taking a lunch break, doing ONLY my job and what was required of me. I finally looked at my sons and noticed that they were not children anymore.  They had their own lives.  I discovered that nothing fell apart because if didn’t do it. Doing things different didn’t happen over night, and at first there was plenty of guilt with it. In fact even today,  I have to remind myself that if I don.t take care of me, I cant take care of others.  I learned the hard way.

Please don’t wait until you are in the hospital before you begin taking care of yourself. Take a few minuets each day for yourself; do things you enjoy, and relax and rest. IMG_20170623_142744

Love you!

#bossLady out!


…..without the guilt!


What are your grateful for today?

Did you count yourself???


Be grateful for the people around you, but remember to count yourself as well.



Treat yourself good!!



Remember to be grateful for your self.  Relax and enjoy things you like to do that make you a better person. Love yourself first and take care of you without feeling guilty.

Live your best life now!!

#bossLady Out!!

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Go take a bath!!

Im so excited to post today.  Yesterday I got to go to the park and just relax and enjoy the sights and sounds including the South Texas weather of being outside. I cant find a word that truly says how much I enjoyed it.

I was there with a girlfriend  and as we sat, we noticed a family with two children who looked to be pre teen in age. It was fun to see the smiles on their faces as they raced from activity to activity in an effort to be the first one on.  The father of the group always seemed to come in last and the two kids would holler out in giggles.


After several minutes of play the two adults fell to the grass beside us and still laughing the gentleman says, “I need a bubble bath”.

Hmmmm that got my mind going. We started talking and finally I asked, “how do yall practice taking care of yourself and showing you how much you love you”?  They  looked at me strangely before I went into my spill about my motivational blog and my experience and the  life changes that came about when I started taking care of me FIRST!


Our conversation continued and they told me how they, as a family,  wanted to get down to a healthy weight.  I applauded them for wanting to play with their children out side to do this, rather than join a gym.  Losing weight to improve your health is a key ingredient to self care.  If you feel good health wise you will want to treat yourself good to keep the good feeling, right?

I went back to his bubble bath statement and asked what kind of ambiance does he set while enjoying a bath. He told me its been so long since he had time to do it, he didn’t know.  I asked his wife for her thoughts and the first thing out of her mouth was “light a few candles…..”  I loved it!! I thought she was reading my mind.

I love candles; they have a way of setting a relaxing atmosphere out of the darkness.   Lets try this: Close your eyes; and think of walking into your bathroom, (or the bathroom of your dreams) and the subtle hint of lavender (or your favorite scent) hits your nose, the dim flicker of soft candle light illuminates the room and you spot a relaxing tub filled with warm water and bubbles overflowing.   How do you feel?

Now if just that imaginary setting felt good; think how good the real thing will be. You deserve a candle lit bubble bath!! You work, you parent and do things for everyone else, do this for yourself. Show yourself some love. Etch out at least 20 minutes in the 24 hours in the day to do this.  I’ve already set the scene, I will even go as far as providing you with the candle holder.

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